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Benin-Owena River Basin Development Authority Total Number of Contracts Awarded: 135 Total Amount Disbursed: N0 Contractor Use Spread / Contract Hoarding Index: 78.51851851851852% Contractors in Portfolio: 106
0 Pacesetter Global Technology Limited Dtec Nigeria Limited Keemdek Nigeria Limited Global Dayzee Multilinks Limited Folag Investment Limited Expro Light Nigeria Limited Gaze Options Limited Fic Consultant Limited Ibi-Faruk Ventures Limited Integrated Techno Dynamics Limited Aiyanyo Aigbekaen & Co. Ed-Famos Nigeria Limited Solia International Limited. Richamen Ventures Uniworld Integrated Services Limited Dadim Integrated Concept Limited Kojo Motors Limited Runola Nigeria Limited C & G Vertex Limited Crest Line Services Limited Omo-Adoni C. Odihiri Nig. Ent. Nikvic Companion Limited Mosano Link International Limited Benchase Allied Resources Limited Lasaco Assurance Plc. Glokins Interbiz & Partners Limited Spec System Limited Aap & Partners Michael Jacobs Limited Mid-South Development & Investment Limited Soibi Contracting Limited Mudiamen Concepts Nigeria Ltd Olajide Oluwambe Workshop First Seromatic Ventures Limited Lecone Limited Osphil International Cabod Nigeria Limited Micro-Project Development Management Limited Kowope Associates Nigeria Limited Reginalo R & N Nigeria Limited Sunrain Resources Limited Wepco Consultant (Nigeria) Limited Solia International Limited Andison Charifort & Company Limited Mobol Ventures Messrs. Awomob Ventures North South Oaks Engineering Nigeria Limited. Plannet Gold Limited Dipfen Nigeria Limited Dele-Osaretin Nigeria Limited Prefape (Nig) Limited Olajide Oluwambe Mechnical Workshop Oweni Nigeria Limited Complete Bright Engineers And Services Limited Lerick Nigeria Limited Pafemo Nigeria Limited Agada Foundations Limited Fayoban Ventures Geonorm Associates Company Limited Dan & Ani Limited Franghile (Nig) Agency Frantos Engineering Service Limited Bee-Harris Construction Nigeria Limited Ogun-Asu Company Limited Bengail Integrated Services Limited Unibright Motors Nigeria Limited Andison Charifot & Company Limited Peacefos Product Limited Sopharm Ventures Logkeg Engineering Limited Messrs. Robert Generator Needs Technologies Limited Toniparkers & Associates Smace Nigeria Limited Shon Nigeria Limited Uyi Technical Motors Kojo Auto Service Centre C & G Tropicana (Ctrol) Limited Glocal Integrated Services Limited Fic Consultants Limited Evbosa & Associates Messrs. Emmatem Trust Nigeria Limited Sunny Aichenede Motors Boa Associates Vos Construction Company Nigeria Limited Math Ehis Nigeria Limited H. E. Paneko Nigeria Company Limited Anstek Nigeria Limited Riths Global Ventures Limited Bet-Idah Global Resources Limited M/s Sam & Sam International Limited Vankus Nigeria Enterprises O & O Technical Company Limited Chasodia (Nig) Limited Agunos Nigeria Limited Bramex Development Company Limited. Emmatem Trust Nigeria Enterprises Zenflux Resources Limited Bizerve Nigeria Limited Sunday Odes Enterprises Anstek Nigeria Limited Svetoteknika Nigeria Limited Helma Engineering Consultants Limited Mikesede Generation (Nig) Limited Ovuos Global Resources Limited
Electricity Management Services Limited Total Number of Contracts Awarded: 38 Total Amount Disbursed: N0 Contractor Use Spread / Contract Hoarding Index: 94.73684210526315% Contractors in Portfolio: 36
Messrs Task Systems Ltd Messrs Radial Circle Telecoms Ltd Messrs Eric Many Limited Messrs Scanwater (Nig.) Ltd Messrs Asm Technologies Ltd Messrs Global Knowledge Consulting Ltd Messrs Heartians Investment Corporation Ltd Messrs H. Pierson Associates Ltd Messrs Andever Resources Ltd Messrs New Moon Nig. Ltd Messrs Ephdeino Nig. Ltd Messrs Angel-Kelv Nig. Ltd Messrs Mojec International Ltd Messrs Sectronics International Ltd Messrs Itex Furniture Ltd Messrs Gastec E & P Services Ltd Messrs Sam & Sam International Ltd Messrs Dizzat Engineering Co. Ltd Messrs Cardiff Properties Ltd Messrs Ernst & Young Ltd Messrs Units Environmental Sciences Messrs Enzha Services Ltd Messrs Bedrock Construction Ltd Messrs Toluyan Integrated Services Ltd Messrs Challydoff Ltd Messrs Newbay Engineering Ltd Messrs Tonycane Nig. Ltd Messrs Adekunle Abogun Motors Nig. Ltd Messrs Matini Eng. & Construction Nig. Ltd Messrs Pyrich Group Ltd Messrs Trilet Technologies Ltd Messrs Cardan Engineering Works Limited Messrs Charse International Ltd Messrs Dilly Motors Limited Messrs O. T. Otis Engineering Ltd Messrs Asa-Lambda Tech. Ltd
Office Of The Surveyor-General Of The Federation Total Number of Contracts Awarded: 142 Total Amount Disbursed: N0 Contractor Use Spread / Contract Hoarding Index: 80.98591549295774% Contractors in Portfolio: 115
Abiontec Limited M/s Gbangbala Surveys Ltd Abuja City Enterprises Star Surveyors Ltd M/s Digitops Consultant Ltd M/s Perpetua Point Pillar Ltd Heroic Pace Nigeria Ltd Omega Surveys And Mapping Nigeria Ltd V-K Technical Company Ltd M/s Geo-Locators & Surveying Services Ltd M/s Pathfinder Geo-Spatial Analysis Ltd Fadfem Inter. Investment Nig Ltd M/sf.a. Kassim Survey Associates Ltd M/s Star Surveyors Ltd Lane Digital Ventures Ltd Tj And Sons Nigeria Ltd M/s Global Surveyors & Associate Ltd M/s Betstev Nig Ltd Pathfinder Geo-Spatial Analysis Ltd Trail Finder Associates Ltd Terracraft Services Ltd M/s Equatorial Mapping Consultant Ltd M/s Joky Surveys Intl. Ltd Kumeni Services Ltd Marcus Grace Associates Integrated Spatial And Enviromental Managers Ltd Rhz Generation Concept Nigeria Ltd Ufo And Company Ltd M/s Practical Gis Intl. Ltd M/s Development Imperative Nig. Ltd Habsan Nigeria Enterprises Anita Abunche Enterprises Ltd Grafos Rock Properties And Engineering Ltd Geosoft Solutions Ltd 5 Jays Global Engineering Nigeria Ltd Fit-Time Integrated Services Ltd Vickflo Tech & Company Vimuk Associates Nig. Ltd M/s Ignago Consults Ltd Messers Global Surveyor And Associates Ltd M/s Pat-Everlasting Surveyss Ltd Cemba Surveys Nigeria Ltd M/s Milad Surveys Consult Ltd M/sjetoka Intergrated Services Ltd M/s Jairo Tereng Ltd Pat-Everlasting Surveys Ltd M/s Auspicey Global Ser, Ltd. M/s Emez Nig. Ltd M/s Chuka & Ass. Ltd M/s Alpha Surveys & Mapping Nig. Ltd M/s Uzor Surveys Nig. Ltd M/s Ar-Er Gepmatrix Sur. Ltd Jetoks Integrated Services Ltd M/s Fig Spatial Mapping & Geospatial Services M/s Pythagoras Surv. Concerns Ltd M/s Kodelak (Nig Ltd M/s 3-Alpha Surveys & Engeering Ltd M/s 3d Geophysical & Surveys Ltd M/s Panez Surveys Associate Ltd M/s Notre Afrique Ltd M/s Samlofs Global Resources Ltd M/s Siraj Nig Ltd M/s All Weather Surveys & Business Ltd M/s B.i Surveys & Consultant M/s Mcabigail Geometric Ltd M/s Dukar Appolo Nig. Ltd. Fazsal Nigeria Ltd Mujam Integrated Services Nigeria Ltd Equilibrum Geo Spatial Concept Ltd Ak-40 Digital Services Nigeria Ltd Bauh Nigeria Ltd Larry Consults Ltd Verity Associates Ltd Wellie Grow Nigeria Ltd Genesis Data Gatherer Ltd Quantum Surveyors And Mappers Ltd Ehiremen Surveys And Associates Ltd Ultimate Digital Services Ltd Decisive Surveys Ltd Dareco Global Venture Ltd Jairo Tereng Ltd Panez Surveyors Associates Ltd Interspatial Technology Nig. Limited Carter Consulting Limited Messers Royal Jewel Nigeria Ltd Joky Surveys International Ltd Lamisawa Nig Ltd Bonan Surveys Ltd All-Weather Surveys And Business Ltd M/s Em & Jay Surveys Nig Ltd Zeal Golden Global Concept Ltd Furano General Enterprises F. Jauni Int'l Ltd M/s Quantum Surveyors & Mappers Ltd Ganread Global Ventures Ltd M/s Desicive Surveys Ltd S & F Inter Products & Marketing Ltd Fem Integrated Concepts Services Ltd Digitops Consultants Ltd M/s Juden Nig. Ltd P-Zeal Business Solution Ltd M/s Ehiremen Surveys & Associates Ltd Alpha Geo Resources Ltd Messers Lamisawa Nigeria Ltd Dearug Global Ltd Turaki Resources Ltd M/salpha Surveys & Mapping Nig Ltd Mcabigail Geometric Ltd Messers Rukysan Nig Ltd Geolev Nigeria Ltd M/s Genesis Data Gatherers Ltd Microchips System Ltd M/s Lane Digital Ventures Ltd Namaranye Techno Ltd Eastwind Laboratories
Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency Total Number of Contracts Awarded: 21 Total Amount Disbursed: N0 Contractor Use Spread / Contract Hoarding Index: 85.71428571428571% Contractors in Portfolio: 18
Rural Electrification Agency Total Number of Contracts Awarded: 233 Total Amount Disbursed: N0 Contractor Use Spread / Contract Hoarding Index: 95.27896995708154% Contractors in Portfolio: 222
Tariok Nig. Ltd Electromax Engineering Services Ltd. Phoenix Heirs Concept Limited Pulsar Technology Constructions & Builders Nig. Ltd. Tolkins Ventures Nig Ltd. Fosab Global Energy Services Ltd. Jafil Engineering Ltd. Shafana Enterprises Ltd. Bilisarat Nigeria Limited Zylab Technologies Nig. Ltd. Sand And So Nigeria Limited Cardinal Oriented Connections Limited Awal Investments Ltd. Tobeddy Concepts (Nig.) Ltd. Eksato Engineering Services Nig. Ltd. Janel International Nig. Ltd. Okiyi Investments Nig. Ltd. El Nasser Ventures Ltd. Infrawatch Ltd Rasimtoh Nigeria Limited Sonsac Contractors Ltd. Double Y & O Ventures Limited Matini Engineering & Construction Ltd. Main Infrastructure Ltd. Perfect Concept Engineering Nig. Ltd. Moat Global Concept Nig Ltd. Abiga Integrated Concept Ltd. One Complet Solution Carsul Limited Pasons Limited Brownny Gold Limited Yarmty Nig. Ltd. Babadidi Tresures Ltd. Dts Transformer Electric Ind. Ltd. Lucent Ventures Ltd. Saac Ventures Limited Dukon Multi Services Ltd. Straight Street International Limited Mcmitchell Nigeria Limited Dendion Logistics Services Ltd. Base Mark Construction Ltd. Xcess Strenght Nig. Ltd. Fabiyke Intergrated Services Ltd. Due Dons Nig. Limited Mid-Ridge Nig. Ltd. Moat Global Concept Nig. Ltd. Omophico Engineering Work Ltd. Lead Resources Ltd. Sledge Consulting Limited Toluyan Integrated Services Ltd. Generosity Venture Ltd. Ma'ama Nigeria Limited Kama Intergrated Services Ltd. Smarco Global Investment Limited Julz Ventures (Nig.) Ltd. Aabowa & Company Nig. Ltd. U.u. Power Multi Concepts Resources Ltd. Coastline Projects Ltd. Sunex Nigerial Limited Elfin Resource Ltd. Inter-Tech Consults Nig. Ltd. Update Limited Laluco Contractors Nigeria Limited Swash Integrated Projects Ltd. Jaji M. M. Nig. Ltd. Fomrat Industries Limited Mentor Electrical Investment Limited C.l. Infra International Ltd. Oboch Global Resources Limited Gala Ventures (Nig) Ltd. Electric Distribution And Marketing Services Ltd. Kewpower Engineering Co. Ltd. Shagaya Global Services Ltd. Kilomaker Ltd. Philab Gen. Merchant Limited Bonus Resources & Investment Limited Enfin Electrique Ltd. Mich, Hi-Tech Nig. Ltd. Lende Ventures Limited Borikan Technical Services Ltd Mindlink International Ltd. Taylo Nig. Ltd. Temps Engineering Limited Bengin & Associates Ltd. New Moon Nigeria Ltd. Tiger Aspect Services Limited Henochim Investments Ltd. Jaycoot Ventures Ltd. Duruke Ltd Brigante Ltd. Facco Ind. Ltd. Boas Destiny Int. Ltd. Ayolex Investment Ltd. Nagsam Global Links Magnets Ltd. Fano (Nig.) Ltd. C.r. King International Ltd. Brent Investment Ltd. Mudka Engineering Works Limited Hiz Entity Ltd. A.c. Charles Int'l Co. Ltd. Genic Ventures Ltd. Ugama Technical & Supply Company Ltd. Tenab International Ltd. Beacon Creative Ideas Ltd. Open Door Systems International Ltd. Comdavis Electrical Enter. Ltd. Loko Resources Ltd. Emico International Ltd. Joetex Global Ventures Nig. Ltd Sharevigo Engineering Co. (Nig) Ltd. Gafa Nig. Ltd. Ocean Sands Prospecting Nigeria Limited Afrijango Inter. Company Ltd. Eddy Success Global Resources Ltd. Power Systems Engineering Services Ltd. Harjokes Ltd. Poti Global Services Limited Augnis Nigeria Grp Ltd. Kimex Multiconcept Nig. Ltd. Nasa Global Resources Services Ltd. Omex Concept Ltd. Nwesco Nigeria Limited Saba Integrayed Resources Ltd. Sioux Energis Ltd. Property Guide Int'l Ltd. Gabaya Nigeria Ltd. Material Managers Limited Kdd Concepts & Resources Ltd. Bavisco Energy Limited Pacific Se Nigeria Ltd. Renewable Source Estate Ltd Jrb Solar Investment Limited Archivisual Solutions Ltd. Bisok Integrated Limited Cox.a Integrated Limited Uni Chris Nig. Ltd. Scoop Electric Limited Monnex Global Resources Limited Silverbrush Consults Ltd. Biyaya Nigeria Ltd. Kinpatino Projects Ltd. Enjaiz Technology Nig. Ltd Kendeibert Resource Nig. Ltd. Bengin & Associates Limited Aishruk Global Investment Ltd. Dumaco Best Properties Ltd. Black Construction Limited Habitat & Building Concept Ltd. Antracom Limited Sule Sagmack Nig. Ltd. Likepoles Consult Engineering Services Ltd. J. Berachah Global Ltd. Cc-West Global Services Ltd. Admasol In-Depth Technologies Ltd. Accent Industrial Projects Ltd. Meldat Int. Investment Ltd. Klyde Resources Ltd. Mosba-Pj Global Limited Brinax Global Services Ltd. I.u.k. International Co. Ltd. Froben Construction Serv. Ltd. Ultimo Sustantivo Nig. Ltd. Vineness Global Concept Ltd. Moat Global Concepts Ltd. Marco-Kings Engineering Nig. Ltd. Solabig Nig. Ltd. Toluyan Intergrated Ser. Ltd Warams Services Ltd. Honey Orsamoni Nigeria Limited Warams Services Ltd. Think Home Nig. Ltd. Bramwell Electrical Nig. Ltd. Macen J Limited Kew Power Engineering Co. Ltd. Sagaola Mining And Engineering (Nig) Ltd. Omotosho & Sons (Nig) Ltd. Brem International Ltd. Naice Contracts & Logistics Limited Multibiz Adebunmi Nig. Ltd. Aims 4mahaq Interbiz Ltd. Topfat Global Links Ltd. Dorny Services Nig. Ltd. Pyrich Engineering Ltd. Kannykoy Unique Multi Purpose Ltd. Scoop Multilinks Limited Macjones Nig. Ltd. Argentum Supremo Venture Nigeria Ltd. Erica Dawn Intl. Ltd. Spec-On Global Links Ltd. Senatorch Ltd. Mcmitchell Nig. Ltd Latsul Engr. Ltd. Moppan Nig. Ltd. Bintayah Global Resources Services Ltd. Ezmatol Construction Ltd. Foxtrot O & G Company Nigeria Ltd. Galazy Concrete Works Ltd. Finkolis International Co. Ltd. Niels & Stanley Energy Services And Consulting Ephdeino Nig. Ltd. Garkadan Engineering & Construction Co. Limited Saba Integrated Resources Ltd Ephdeino Nigeria Limited Carlin Concept Inter. Ltd. Ijalla Engineering Services Ltd. Beacon Creative Ideas Ltd Partengoff Nig. Ltd. Utsota Energy Ltd. Liberty (Oversea) Brothers Ltd. Schottek Eng. Co. Nig. Ltd. Dizzat Engineering Company Ltd. Omotosho & Sons Nig. Ltd. Olkon International Ltd. Em-Plan Interated Limited Transez Nig. Ltd. Asia Africa Trading Company Peros & Associates Nigeria Limited Fatlan Inter-Biz Nigeria Limited Punnocc Nigeria Ltd. Man -Jonnie Resources Nig. Ltd. Dismas Integrated Service Ltd Damsal (Nig.) Limited
Nigerian Meteorological Agency Total Number of Contracts Awarded: 67 Total Amount Disbursed: N0 Contractor Use Spread / Contract Hoarding Index: 85.07462686567165% Contractors in Portfolio: 57
Global Nameks Ltd Mesophere Scientific Instruments Ltd Alifig Int'l Ltd Keniah Nigeria Ltd. R.e Unicorn Services Ltd Strategy & Executors Co. Ltd Enatec Nig. Ltd Iepc Int'l Ltd Alifig In'l Ltd Communications And Environmental Solutions Limited Multiquip W/a Ltd Knight Consulting Limited Galleria Nicole Ltd Home Vestors Concept Messrs Kefiano Autos Y'al & Ned Services Tara - Frikk Int'l Ltd Crucial Concept Limited Avsatel Communications Ltd. Teledom Int'l Ltd Ofeama Ceo Enterprises Ltd Holdall Limited Lobic Engineering Services Ltd Spirit Touch Energy Solutionnig. Ltd Bessels Technologies Ltd E.o.d Global Delight Ltd Cool Park Nig. Ltd The Address Synergy Ltd Dataway Limited Giftson Ehi Enterprises Ltd Shan - Joe Media Plus Scientific Sales Nig. Ltd Diamond Well Enterprises Associated Air Safety Equipment's Ltd Norrice Lea Ltd Kinshalom Dianchamdz Resources Ltd Janedyke Servicesltd Meteo- Technologies Limited Purity Instruments & Technologies Ltd Steao Integrated Services Ltd Seltrix Limited El-Investment Ltd Sihat I.n.e Ltd Iggo Jorje Int'l Ltd Alifig Int'l Limited Gloname Nig. Ltd Fmit Int'l Ltd Smc Limited Valban Enterprises Kawonci Nig. Ltd Knight Consultancy Ltd Ndmos Technology Network The Adress Synergy Limited Communication And Environmental Solutions Ltd Abalito Oil & Gas Ltd Enatech Nig. Ltd
Petroleum Equalisation Fund (Management) Board Total Number of Contracts Awarded: 74 Total Amount Disbursed: N0 Contractor Use Spread / Contract Hoarding Index: 90.54054054054053% Contractors in Portfolio: 67
Nostork Investment Limited Oksino P Global Ventures Jetlink Limited Amplified Nigeria Ltd. Allied Computers Westwood Developers Int'l. Ltd. Greenwich Int'l Ltd. Topclass Generating Limited Mode Technical Global Diamond Bits Int'l Ltd. Mafunab Ventures Quadrant Global Concept Hewlett-Packard Nigeria Ltd Sidmach Technologies Limited Goldenbird Investment Limited Gremlin Synergy Limited Lenkosnow Nigeria Limited Shepherd Concept Limited Harry Integrated Services Tajmus & Co Nigeria Ltd. O.a. Int'l Company Unojodic Ventures Nigeria Olex Empire Limited Zircon Invest Fuel Communications Limited Oceancize Ventures Ltd. Abeto Engineering Company Nurisab Nigeria Enerprises Toptech Engineering Limited Evergreen Construction Arbitrage Resources Mgt Gapris Resources Ltd Primarx Global Dimension Petronics Engineering Services Ltd. Backbone Connectivity Network Ltd. Pentagon Systems Ltd. Renecon Energy Ltd. Business Communications Limited Cedron Nigeria Limited Jonabest Global Nigeria Kiwi Tech & Ict Services Ltd Santy Energy Resources Ltd Sequoia Investment Limited Lilies International Dawnwatch Limited The Cardinal Virtues Limited Myloid Systems Topclass Generators Limited Baggio Visual Concept Bonitech Computers Limited Emmakin Global Ventures Prostallers Nigeria Limited Signal Alliance Digital Insight & Telecoms Isaac Rogers Nigeria Ltd Micro Products Limited De-Lawtech Computers Alpha-Baro Company Wolsak Nigeria Limited Zircon Investment Limited Witty Waterways Consult Barafatin Ltd Finsdac Nigeria Limited Federal Fire Service Prestige World Jambey Concepts Bridgeup Nigeria Limited
Sokoto-Rima River Basin Development Authority Total Number of Contracts Awarded: 127 Total Amount Disbursed: N0 Contractor Use Spread / Contract Hoarding Index: 90.5511811023622% Contractors in Portfolio: 115
Sahal Multi Links Nig Ltd Al-Furqaan Global Serv. Masy Nig Ltd. First Geo Multi Works Ltd Sulawal Nig Ltd Ben Ladan Limited Al-Ameen Venture Ltd. Ben Ladan Int. Ltd Tarsands Glo Invt Ltd Leoflinch Nig Ltd Sahel Associates Masy Nig Ltd A.g Vision Nig Ltd Fastech Nig. Ltd Marintec Engr. Nig. Ltd Fastech Nigeria Ltd. Malami Minanata And Sons Ltd Cimmula Nigeria Ltd. Arab & Partners Ltd Marcx & Construction Ltd Dogon Marke Invst Ltd Baraka Global Res. Co Ltd. The Lane Const Co Ltd Saihal Nig Ltd Yalisa Gen Entp Ltd Zamfara State Govt. Bello Sabon Birni Global Ven Ltd Varoius Constracts Abdullah Jabbi & Sons Danyak Nig Ltd Matazu Ventures Lts Cimmula Nig. Ltd Yahaya Buhari& Sons Ltd. Hajiya Sadiya Gen. Cimmula Nig Ltd Dogon Marke Invest. Ltd A A Maidoya Co Nig Ltd Akoon Multi Service Ltd Tarsand Global Invst. Ltd Project Nineteen Ltd Auta Intgr.service Ltd. Timade Associates Nig Ltd Arab & Partners Zam Builders Nig Ltd Mimis Nig Ltd Akoon Nig Ltd Mainiyo Nig Ltd Cls Nig Ltd Umka Nig Ltd Ncheta Global Res. Abalan & Chamu Invst. Ltd Rahusa Ventures Co. Ltd Mujaya Engineering Services Dasna Nig Ltd Jomax Contract Serv. Ltd Maron Ronmark Nig Ltd Munachiki Multi Resources Anas Tech. & Const. Works Ltd Yalisa Gen. Ent Ltd. Water And Filtraration Ltd Jepati Multi Links Nig Ltd Abalan & Chamu Invest Ltd Namiraniyyah Nig. Ltd A ' M Nig Ltd Yalisa Gen Ent. Ltd Ministako Nig Ltd Havage Nig Ltd Gs Shehu Nig Ltd Sisoco Civil Engg Co Ltd Mas Construction Nig Ltd G.s Shehu Nig. Ltd Idle Pillers Techn Ltd Bashia Global Ltd Gagi Construction Co. Ltd Auta Integral Nig. Ltd Gazebo Multi Res Ltd J.s Vision Nig Ltd Mainiyo Nig Ltd + Consultant Hajiya Sadiya Gen. Ent Ltd Hajiya Sadiya Gen. Int. Ltd Dasna International Company Dogon Marke Invest Ltd Intratec Consult Nig Ltd Hidan Global Services Ltd Arabs & Partners Ltd Akumau Vent. Nig Ltd. Almambo Integrated Res.nig Ltd Savana Scape Realtors Ltd. Shaff Communication Ltd Alh.muh?d Abdullahi & Son Ltd Tarsand Global Invst. Ltd. Mai-Akwai Jarede Nig Ltd Rahusa Ventures Ltd Maigero Global Ventures Handin Kai Nigeria Limited. Makurya Global Ventures Allestree Vent. Nig. Ltd Belfort Intl Ltd Idi-Ato Global Invst. Ltd Bhiza Univ. Invst. Ltd Hunningdale Intg Ltd Afrina Nig Ltd Tresda Nig Ltd Skylolo Nig Ltd Gamzaki Motors B/kebbi Fabuzillo Inter. Co. Ltd Amalan Marketing &const Ltd Hajiya Sadiya Gen. Ent. Ltd Sepsal Nigeria Ltd. Bukata Resources Nig Ltd/tresda Irrigation Ltd Gamzaki Global Vent. Nig. Ltd Emchez Heritage Ltd. Amore Glo Marchandis Nid Ltd Acelodester Nig Ltd Galumma Invst. Nig. Ltd Usmaniya Nig. Ltd
Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority Total Number of Contracts Awarded: 155 Total Amount Disbursed: N0 Contractor Use Spread / Contract Hoarding Index: 91.61290322580645% Contractors in Portfolio: 142
Kensas Company Nig Ltd Leom Nig. Ltd, 13, Crescent House, Kado Estate, Abuja Teamwork Global Associates D208, Garki Mall, Plot 1580 Kabo Crescent, Opposite Garki International Market, Abuja Jessaza Global Resources,58 Bank Road Lobot Dong Nig. Ltd, Dagee House, Bahwol Kanang, Jos, Plateau State Viable Engineering Consultants Ltd Suite Rfl 3, 4th Floor City Plaza, Ahmadu Bello Way, Garki Ii, Abuja Motac Management Consultant Services Chenkibou Nig. Ltd. Shirmark Resources Limited Sottams Synergy Resources Ltd Envy-Chrisso International Ltd. C179, Federal Housing Estate, North Bank, Makurdi Krais Civil Engineering Ltd, No. E 007, Kari Road Housing Estate, Maiduguri Road, Bauchi Pajamam Nig. Ltd, No. 89 Lmcc Road, Calabar Base One Global Business Nig Ltd Karl T. Geotechnical & Engineering Services Ltd No. E007, Kari Road Housing Estate Maiduguri Road, Bauchi Atsuku Nig. Ltd, No. 7 Iorkyaa Ako Street, High Level Makurdi Id-Amid Group Of Companies, No. 20a, Bank Road Kaduna Core Associates Consultant Limited Nbeichon Engineering Services Ltd, 3 Ihiala Street Area2, Garki Abuja E O Ogidi & Sons Nig. Ltd Block B, Flat 19, Powa National Shopping Complex, Abuja Tsensuu Nig. Ltd Rayfiel Zarmangadda, Jos Almaj Concept International Ltd, No. 53 Oba Overanwen Street Gwarimpa Abuja Envy-Chrisso International Ltd Block C179, Federal Low Cost Housing Estate North Bank, Makurdi Walbansa Nig. Ltd. D8, Othni Plaza, Wuse Zone I, Abuja Water Center Nig. Ltd, Plot 31 Close Fed. Low Cost Estate, Jos, Plateau State Okaha Limited Odinacho Nig. Ltd, Suite D10, Jabi Plaza, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Jabi Abuja Dac Technology, Plot 8723 Baaver Dzeremo Street, Judges Quarters, Gbko Road, Makurdi Bilmap (W/a) Ltd No. 30 Iyorchia Ayu Road Wurukum, 1949, Makurdi Mbs Engineering Ltd No. 124 Main Street, Nndc Quarters Off Maiduguri Road, Hotoro Gra, Po Box 10819 Kano Anbez Services Ltd, 86, Emeka Anyaoku Street Area Ii, Graki Abuja Kanke Enterprises Nig. Ltd, No. 29, Rwang Pam Street, Jos Studio Appartments Ltd, Suite D6, Othni Plaza, Nouchott Street, Zone 1 Wuae, Abuja Gold Initiative Nig Ltd Aim Frontline Nig. Ltd. Tectonics Engineering & Consults Ltd No 8, 32 Crescent Off 3 Road Avenue Gwarinpa, Fct Abuja Aim Frontline Nigeria Ltd No. 5, Fifth Avenue, Bida Street Wadata, Makurdi Favour Galore Ltd No. 3, Beach Road By Spring Bank Po Box 2156, Jos Ureta Engineering Constult Ltd. Hy-Krest Plodine Solutions Nigeria Ltd Suite D15, 11 Bumbuna Street Zone 1, Wuse Abuja Chido-Amajuyi & Partners, Chimboma House, Jos, Plateau State Midobet Venture Ltd No. 18, Iorkyaaa Ako Street High Level Makurdi Chenkibou Nig Ltd, 19 Balewa Crescent High/level. Makurdi, Benue State Dajoh-Ugbada Nig Ltd No. 333, 3rd Avenue 3rd Avenue, Lobi Quarters Makurdi Jerbeerou Nig. Ltd. No. 1 Beside Aisha Sondaji Plaza, Bukan Sidi, Lafia, Nasarawa State Onwudinjor Brothers Ltd, No. 7, Road 1k, Sector F, Fha. Kugbe Abuja I&b Properties & Investment Ltd. No. 10 Kastina Crescent Maitama Abuja Zateco Ltd. Am' Synergy Nig. Ltd. Plot 770, Behind Wuye Market, Wuye District Abuja Bronac Nig Ltd Viable Engineering Consultants Ltd, Suite Rfl 3, 4th Floor City Plaza, Ahmadu Bello Way Garki Ii, Abuja Nabayi & Sons Construction Company Nigeria Ltd No. 5, Gudum Hausawa Industrial Estate Bauchi State Cojoma Resources Ltd No. 40, Zion Street, North Bank Makurdi Binowel Intergrated Services Ltd, Plot 41, Patrick Bokor Street, Jabi, Abuja. Andex Press & Allied Services Ltd Wanfa Trading Ltd Jankasa Resources Nig. Ltd. Team Work Global, No. 13b Gwari Ave. Barnawa P.o. Box 4092, Kaduna State Nasibelco Resources Nig. Ltd. No 11, Behind No.5 Gyado Hospital Road Gra, Gboko Beltu Nigeria Ltd No. 7, Mission Ward Northbank, Makurdi Beltu Investment Nig. Ltd. Geotois Hydroservices Ltd Plot 35, Block Ii, Fgssp Shagari Estate, Akure Aim Frontline Ltd. No. 5, 5th Avenue, Bida Street, Wadata, Makurdi Bashar Building & Construction Company Ltd, Suite D8, 3rd Floor, Othni Plaza, Wuse Zone I, Abuja Almaj Concept International Ltd No. 53, Oba Overanwen Street Gwarinpa, Abuja Godonna Petroleum & Energy Service Ltd No. 1688, Jarka Road, Effurun Warri Bevira Nig. Ltd No 28 Shendam Street Jos Sottam Synergy Resources Ltd, Suite B3 Halima Plaza Behind Sahad Stores, Abuja Andex Press & Allied Services Ltd, No. 4a, Tafawa Balewa Street, Jos Noider Investment Ltd, No. 20a Bank Road Kaduna The Leela Constr & Borehole Drilling Co. Ltd. No. 16, Independent Street. Ikeja, Lagos A&j Investment & Management Company Ltd. Tonab Nigeria Ltd 44, Old Otukpo Road Makurdi Sdeel & Associates Ltd, Plot 1396, Lagos Crescent, Garki Ii Abuja Beniga Synergy Resources Ltd, 24 Konshisha Street, High Level Makurdi Chamberlin Dickama Nig. Ltd No. 9 Railway Bye-Pass, High-Level Makurdi Shedaston Services No. 36 Nndc Quarters, Off Old Lamingo Road, Jos Mutesk Geotechnical And Drilling Co. Ltd Midag Limited No 3 Alpha St. Off Inikpi St. High Level, Makurdi. Davedanwonder Nig Ltd La-Rio Construstion Ltd Ozzigi Multi Services Ltd Poga Skyline International Mia Three (3) Nig Ltd, No. 15 Sokoto St., Central Mission Ward, P.o Box 239, Makurdi Satu Motors, No. 21 Idah Road, Anyigba, Kogi State Becky & Sam J. Nig. Ltd. 19, Ede-Okewu Cresent, Ojira, Ojira Quarters, Otukpo, Benue State. Dsa Global Giftson Ehi Enterprises Ltd. Quion Nig Ltd Ochejele Farmers Multipurpose Nig. Ltd. Beltu Nigeria Ltd. Jadida Nigeria Ltd No. 5, Court Quarters Road Karu Site, Abuja Zozo Marketing Company Ltd No. 64, Wukari-Ainsa Road Opposite Ugba Road Junction Anyii, Gaambe-Tiev Po Box 1102, Makurdi Gotam Integrated Services Ltd No. 4, Khartoum Street Wuse Zone 5, Abuja Mutesk Geotechnical And Drilling Company Ltd Km 8, Makurdi-Otukpo Road Near Apir Mech Village Makurdi Tecom Investment Ltd No. 216, Obiwali Road Rimmugbo, Port Harcourt Ochiejele Farmers Multipurpose Nigeria Ltd No. 54, Benue Crescent Makurdi Taqulah Engineering Ltd Km 8, Makurdi-Otukpo Road Near Apir Mech Village Makurdi Pivot Petroleum Services Ltd No. 3, New Layout, Behind Government College Makurdi Dentica Nigeria Ltd Post Office Building Po Box 545, Katsina-Ala Benue State
Total Number Contracts Undertaken: 1 Total Amount Disbursed: N0
Hero Joo Associates Mia Three (3) Nigeria Ltd No. 15 Sokoto Street Central Mission Ward P.o Box 239 Makurdi Ahwens Ltd 24, Osisiogu Street Utako, Abuja Indva International Resources Ltd No. 46b Clerk Quarters Behind Edomart Kitchen Makurdi Nasibelco Resources Nigeria Ltd No. 11, Behind No. 50, Gyado Hospital Road Gra, Gboko Vimac Engineering Services Ltd No. 5, Murtala Mohammed Way Jos Multi-Engineering Solution & Design Ltd D208, Garki Mall, Plot 1580 Kabo Crescent, Opposite Garki International Market Abuja Mbs Engineering Ltd No. 124 Main Street, Nndc Quarters Off Maiduguri Road , Hotoro Gra, Po Box 10819 Kano Consek Associates Ltd, No. 5 Imalefalafia Street, Oke Ado, Ibadan, Oyo State Surds Engineering Services Ltd, No. 60, 3rd Avenue, Gwarimpa, Abuja Chido-Amajuoyi & Partners Ltdchimboma House, 6138, Jos Tectonic Engineering & Consults Ltd No 8, 32 Crescent Off 3 Road Avenue Gwarinpa, Fct Abuja Enviplan International Ltd 22, Gobarau Road , P.o. Box 11041, Kaduna Crestplan Associates Ltd Lungi Barracks Plaza, Suite 14 &18c, Maitama, 11988, Garki, Abuja Palgreg Nigeria Ltd No. 82, 11 Cresecent Kado Estate, Abuja Privent Construction Nigeria Ltd Gp 651, Ankpa Quarters Makurdi Amid Merchants Company Ltd, No. 20a, Bank Road, Kaduna Elah Services Ltd, Plot 1247, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse Ii, Abuja Privent Construction Ltd, Gp 651, Ankpa Qtrs, Makurdi, Benue State Jankasa Resources Nigeria Ltd No. 3, Rumbek Close, Wuse Zone 6 Abuja Real Naija Concpets Ltd, 27 Reservation Road Gra, Ilorin, Kwara State Emmic Global Services Ltd No. 278, Aba Express Road Shell R/a, Portharcourt Core Associate Consultant Limited I. U Thonisco Ent. Nig. Ltd. No. 22, Benue Crescent, Ankpa Qtrs. Makurdi Danihopewell Services Ltd No. 4 Edwrd Ujege Street High Level, Makurdi Geo-B Integrated Business Ltd Latin Global Services Ltd, Chinaka House Igoli Ogoja Damak Properties Ltd Bis Alu Properties Ltd Emmic Global Services Ltd. Gabter Resources Ltd No. 1, Yima Plaza, Jonah Jang Crescent Opposite Voice Newspaper, Makurdi Ujatgold Ltd, 14 Otukpa Close High Level Makurdi Real Najia Concepts Ltd No. 27 Reservation Road, Gra Ilorin, Kwara State Rebdas Surveys No. 56, Mercyland Road Sabon Gonin Gora Kaduna Aim Frontline Nig Ltd, No. 5, 5th Avenue Bida Street, Wadata, Makurdi Water Center Nigeria Ltd D208, Garki Mall, Plot 1580 Kabo Crescent, Opposite Garki International Market , Abuja Argandu Nig. Ltd. Suite D8, Othni Plaza, Opp Nde Hq Wuse Zone I Abuja Abhumu Ltd, Suite B41, Area 11mall, Ahmadu Bello Way Garki Abuja Energy Konnect Nig Ltd. No. 22, Kofoworola Crescent, Ikeja, Lagos Maikam Enterprises, No. 5, Atom Kpera Road, High Level, Makurdi. Suyang Nig. Ltd No. 73, Ibb Way Calabar Austin Namson W/a Ltd. No 33, Bank Road, New Garage Makurdi.
Federal Ministry Of Education Total Number of Contracts Awarded: 107 Total Amount Disbursed: N0 Contractor Use Spread / Contract Hoarding Index: 93.45794392523365% Contractors in Portfolio: 100
Cy Endurance Nig Ltd Rapeed Limited Havila Pariola Nig. Limited Queens Of Angels Investment Limited Ughai Co. Limited Cogent Global Resources Limited Nathan Hills Global Services Ltd Rekkius Global Serv. Ltd Mat-Lad Tech Nig. Limited Adekunle Abogun Motors Nig Ltd Timsi Global Resources Limited Cfao Motors Limited Mr. King Resources Ltd Hi-Issus Services Limited Kobido Limited Lightus Integrated Resources Limited Godiri Intl Limited Kuseph & Dior Limited Danstacher Turnkey Contractors Ltd Fixglo International Ltd Uni-Chris Nig Ltd Sumec Intercontinental Limited Neuthim Ltd Slogan Eng. Ltd Divine Intervention Investment Ltd Devine Construction Services Ltd Judi Rose Vent. Mega Vision Multip. Concept Ltd Manifold Intg Services Ltd Kenny Nig Services Entp. Ltd A & S Bisolad Investments Nig. Ltd Overflow Logistic Nig Ltd Olujumex Nigeria Limited Alexus Mutual Partners Ltd Rishab Global Ltd Samdavidson Nig. Ltd. Zenarol Integrated Serv, Ltd Vicni Engineering Services Limited Across Border Nig. Ltd Power Minister Nigeria Limited Pro-Plus Synergy Concepts Ltd Nyiptech Integrated Resources Limited May Flows Global Services Ltd Destiny Intercontinental Project Nig. Ltd Aricotech Res. Engr Ltd Geotech Technologies Ltd Kobells Logistics Investment Company Ltd Water Wick Ltd Mubarak Real Solid Cockhead Ventures Nig. Ltd Sloba & Company Int`l Ltd Sussexpoint Intl Resources Limited Gondal Global Res. Ltd. D & A Facilities Mgt. & Properties Limited Great Sammio Invest. Ltd Shamruf Engineering Services Ltd Kendelbert Resources Nig Ltd Keyvan Nigeria Limited Toyospel Vents Ltd Elcon Intgr. & Allied Services Limited Kibecc Nigeria Limited Norah Homes Ltd Shatus Company Limited Ovalsite Limited Mainstream Contr. Nig. Ltd. Still Jd Limited Thomcom Global Links Nig. Ltd. Buddie Nelsom Nig Ltd Royal Value Int'l Ltd U & I Integrated Global Services De-Donex Intg Global Limited Nathanills Investment Limited Conawilson Ltd. Adewumi Ayoade Investment Skyz House Ltd Kenyo-Dax Nig. Ltd G-Men Supplies Services Limited Olubuck Nigeria Limited Imini Agbede Nig. Ltd Mashida Nig Ltd Sikot Intg. Services Limited Zuam Impex Concept Ltd Igaby Lussy Nigeria Limited Jerilyne Nig Ltd J.m Phirok Nig. Limited Umar Sanusi & Sons Tarot Engr. Ltd Noranto Royale Resources Ltd Notelink Constr. Co. Ltd Neuthim Ltd First Atlas Ventures Global Ltd Skyz House Limited Napochris Nig Limited Sulany Nig. Limited Happy-Links Ltd Tecno-Kriss Intl. Sev. Ltd Vincart Int'l Ventures Uni-Chris Nigeria Limited Bridgevine Resources Limited Jipon Venture Ltd
Federal Ministry Of Lands, Housing & Urban Development Total Number of Contracts Awarded: 209 Total Amount Disbursed: N0 Contractor Use Spread / Contract Hoarding Index: 100.0% Contractors in Portfolio: 209
Zeppllin International Concept Ltd Zarab Ventures Ltd M/s Eleku Construction Ltd. Telyakok Nigeria Ltd Oke Meje Global Resources Ltd Foladif Nig. Ltd Camel Nigeria Ltd. Jafaar Ltd M/s Banksforte Global Ltd M/s Mainstream Contractors Nig. Ltd M/s. Tlmb Construction Ltd M/s Jkr Synergy Ltd M/s Sem-Luk Ventures Ltd M/s Raston Nig. Ltd. M/s Sachems Int'l Services Nig. Ltd M/s Ebikewenemor Nig Ltd Haq Construction Ltd Desk Tidy Resources Enterprises Omatahab Nig. Ltd Loat Nigeria Ltd M/s Long Horn Construction Ltd Sawaliz Nig. Lltd Asmajuwon Nig. Ltd Flay Ventures M/s A.g. Vision M.s Akowind Nigeria Ltd Nurdelak Resources Ltd Mudis Kingsleg Ltd. 0 Pfaze Contractors Ltd. Dual Design Company Ltd Rollalong Investment Ltd M/s Fas Panda Nig. Ltd. M/s Wood Krafter Ltd Babstech Global Services Ltd Faj-Ultimate Concept Ltd Nasmoji Nigeria Ltd Ami Logistics Ltd Miteck Tech Serv. Nig. Ltd. Mefano Ventures Ltd Orrion Trust Internation Ltd M/s Royal Gate Global Contracter Ltd. Whykay Global Services Ltd Ssan Zamat Enterprises Sthorms Nig. Ltd Maryland Int'l Saros Technologies Ltd M/s Sabtech Towers Nig Ltd Frankeeza Integrated Services Qurid Interbiz Ltd Highdell Investments Ltd M/s Royal Value Int'l Nig Ltd. Conielo Nig. Ltd Morashat Nigeria Ltd Makblo Integrated Global Services E.f. Ikeyina Nigeria Ltd Silvergrey Enterprises Ltd M/s Accurate Inter-Continental Ltd M/s Allswell Nig. Ltd Tora Bora Nig. Ltd Eleco Works Mohawi International Ltd Jumart Joe Nig. Ltd M/s Timdoz Engineering Nig. Ltd. Dense Global Investment Ltd Yobetech Nig. Ltd Eddy Ben Ventures Nigeria Services Ltd. Hendon Nig. Ltd. Ajarayamtu Corporate Business M/s Omax Nig Ltd Hydro-System Design And Construction Nig. Ltd Ifeson Int'l Concept Raswas Nigeria Ltd Bawasa Nigeria Ltd Charlotte Project Concept Ltd M/s. Yobe Engineering Ltd Skavito Nig. Ltd Rock 1 Global Concepts Nig. Ltd Timdoz Engineering Nig. Ltd Zanch International Ltd